Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dinner out!

We had dinner at our great friends Bean and Lucas' house! We were also catching up with our old friend Hayley who was visiting in the middle of a move from Queensland to Western Australia!!
The kids were so well behaved and played well together and it was great to have a glass of wine and some yummo pizza from Bean's homemade pizza oven!!!
It was one of those times you will remember forever - there really is nothing more important than your friends and family!!

Friends for over 20 years!

Bean having cuddles with Ethan - he did so well to stay up so late!

Michael and I

Monday, June 15, 2009

Trip to the Farm

We had a fantastic trip up to Bonnie Doon to visit the boys Oma and Opa! They had just returned from their overseas trip with exciting stories and beautiful pictures! Was very nice to have them home safe and sound though!

Louis fell asleep on his Opa after the big drive! It was very late at night!
Ethan in his new clog slippers!
The boys loved a big walk outside - it was a beautiful winter's day!
Dylan and Louis would have stayed out there all day I'm sure!

Oma, me and Ethan

Me snuggling with Ethan!

The boys love going for rides on the 4 wheeler with their Dad!

Michael chilling out