Sunday, July 30, 2006

End of July...

We had a busy Wednesday with Gymbaroo and mothers group.  Unfortunately the dance teacher that works for me is finishing up so I'll need to put Louis into daycare for one afternoon a week for term 4. Not an ideal situation but I don't really have a choice. 

Louis loves seeing the puppies at the pet store!

On Saturday we got a dishwasher! Woohoo.  What a world of difference that will make!

Sunday we had lunch at Nanna's house.  Before we left poor Louis fell off the bed and bumped his head.  He was fine luckily!  It was such a nice sunny day I took Louis, Luke and Kelly for a walk to the park.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

An ordinary week...

Just an ordinary week in our home.  Teaching and trying to get enough sleep!

On Wednesday we had a nice visit with some friends and this week Louis said the world "car"! 

This boy sure keeps me entertained!!  So lucky to be his Mum!

On Sunday Nanna took Louis for a visit up to Aunty Sharons.  I missed him so much!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Love the everyday...

Louis is getting unwell again and sleeping terribly.  He's up every 2 hours unless I bring him into bed with me and then it's 3 hours!

He can stand on his own for a quick second and can crawl so fast.

Wednesday we had Gymbaroo and Louis climbed up steps and crawled through tunnels.  He loved it!  At mothers group he had a play with a puppy. 

He is eating fork mashed food and pasta.  Also finger foods like cheese, fruit & veg.

Friday we headed off to Bonnie Doon.  We had a great weekend except Louis cried when he heard the cow "moo".  Poor little thing...haha.

Sunday, July 9, 2006

9 months old...

and still no photos!

We had a great week even though poor Louis still has a snuffly nose. He is snoring in his sleep which is pretty cute though.

I went to the gym and when I picked him up from creche Louis gave me a big hug and kiss.  Awww.

While I was teaching on Tuesday, Sharon and the kids babysat Louis.  We have to watch Aunty Sharon because she likes to eat all of the baby food! Haha. I felt a little sad because I missed having him there with me, and after we got home it was a quick bath, feed and bedtime.  I'm such a sook honestly. 

Wednesday, Louis had his first visit to Gymbaroo which was so much fun.  He loved all of the activity and music. He slept a full 12 hours overnight so for that alone it's worth the big $$ it costs!

Thursday we went shopping and Louis sat in the trolley.  He has been drinking water out of the sippy cup all on his own now.

Saturday we had dinner at Sharons and Louis stayed up until 10.30pm.  Holy moly!

Sunday was the official 9 months old.  We painted the hallway from a purple colour to an off white.  It looks much better and brighter.

The other news was that I finished the last of my mini-pills.  Yep...who knows when another little baby will be on it's way! I told Michael it could take 6-12 months but you never know!

Sunday, July 2, 2006

Sad news...

So life was cruising along.  I was even getting some sleep-ins until 9am which was heaven!

I was enjoying going to the gym and putting Louis in the creche which was all good, except by Tuesday night he had a temperature and was unwell...again!  Poor little thing is having a bad run of it. Of course this also means a heap of unsettled sleeps and night time waking.

Louis has worked out how to put the ball through the hole of the kick and whirl!  Clever little thing.

He's been eating some of our meals like mushroom and broccoli risotto and is loving all kinds of foods. Louis also loves to wave bye bye.

Sunday we headed down to visit Big Oma and Opa.  Sadly, Michaels Oma has been diagnosed with liver cancer so it was very nice to visit with them.  Not a very nice situation though at all...