Sunday, June 25, 2006

Unwell Louis...

Poor Louis has been sick again this week.  We had a nice snooze together on Monday morning which was much needed after a bad nights sleep. He has a rotten little cough but the Dr's just said it seems like a standard virus so we avoided medicine. 

Luke and Kelly stayed over which is always fun!  I got an extra hours sleep in due to these great babysitters! 

Louis can sit down after standing now which means no more getting stuck.   He's also clapping his hands. Such a clever little boy.

Uncle Danny babysat on Saturday night so that we could have dinner out for a birthday and Louis could stay at home all toasty and warm.  He was awake and playing when we got home at 10.30pm so we know who has Uncle Danny wrapped around his little finger.  Haha.

Cheeky little thing...

Sunday, June 18, 2006

This week...

No photos this week!  Bugger.

We took Louis to the swimming pools for a splash.

He had a MCHN check up.  Stats:

Weight: 8.2kg
On the 25th percentile.  He has a pincer grip already which is 12 month old level!

Our daily routine looks a little like this:

Breastfeed: 6.30-7am
Breakfast: an hour later
Breastfeed: 11am
Lunch: 12pm ish
Breastfeed: 3pm
Dinner: 5.30pm - 2 courses - savoury and sweet
Breastfeed: 6.30pm ish.

Louis has been crawling so much on the hard floors he has bruises on his knees!  Poor little munchkin.  He stands up against the mirror inside my wardrobe door and has little talks with himself.

Nanna babysat on Saturday night while Mum and Dad went out to visit some friends.

Louis has a little cough and runny nose this is the winter season but I think it has a lot to do with being around all of the kids at dance classes.  Which I'm completely over after a rotten week with teachers running late and being away and having to fill in and run a presentation night.  Grrr.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Moving around...

 This guy is getting around all over the place.  So much fun!

I also took Louis down to a modelling agency and got him signed up!  Who knows if he'll end up a superstar!!

We had a visit from our forum friends Nikki and Cindy and had a great catch up! Such a fun age with all of this interaction!

Sunday, June 4, 2006

Already in June...

My little boy is growing so fast! He is pulling himself up to standing on the couch and crawling around everywhere. Still a little uncoordinated with it but he gets where he wants to go.  He is still having 2 naps a day and has been a little clingy at the moment. 

He eats 3 big meals everyday and loves his food.  We thought it must be time to lower his cot down now that he's learning to stand. 

Louis loves drinking out of his sippy water bottle and is becoming such an active little boy.  His sleep is still a a little hit and miss but much better than it used to be! He has been waking and crying overnight but sometimes I just bring him in with me and he falls straight back to sleep.

Louis is just such a beautiful addition to our family that I was gearing up in my mind to lose the last couple of kg and get healthy to go for baby number 2.  And once I get an idea in my mind...