Sunday, May 28, 2006

What a 25th birthday!

Louis was still sleeping terribly with his cold.  We were all suffering that's for sure.

Tuesday the 23rd I turned 25!  What an amazing dream I was living.  Married, our own home and a gorgeous little baby.  Of course it didn't come without it's challenges but for the most part it was pretty blissful. I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate than with my family.

The 24th was our anniversary - 3 years married and 8 years together!  Wow!

Louis absolutely loves his books!

Louis impatiently waiting for dinner...hurry up Mum!

Sunday morning we went out for breakfast/brunch for my birthday.  It was so nice to have everyone together.  Louis sure gets spoilt with all of those doting grandparents, aunties and cousins!!

It was a beautiful birthday shared with my beautiful family.  

Oh and to top it off, Louis is officially crawling!  Woohoo!

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Leaps and bounds

It seems like every day there is some new little achievement with Louis.  Such a fun age!

Louis can walk behind the toy below when it is opened up to be a walker and he's also getting very ready to crawl.  He is very happy to go from sitting down to his tummy also. 


We went for a walk which was nice.  Louis can point to noses  and knows what water is in his cup.  We throw balls to each other down the passageway.  He also knows who Bananas in Pyjamas are!

Maybe it was all of this learning but he woke up constantly all night for a few days around this time.  Crazy!

We had a fun Mothers group meeting:

We had a visit to Oma and Opa up at Bonnie Doon for the weekend.  It was so nice catching up but poor Louis had a rotten cold and was sleeping terribly...

All rugged up for some fresh air outside...

Sunday, May 14, 2006

It's May!

Louis has been having big giggles when we tickle him.  He's now eaten chicken, beef and even minestrone soup.  He's getting used to food with a little more texture than just pureed. He loves eating some toast. 

He blows raspberries all over the place and loves to babble and chatter to us.

His sleep seems to be all over the place again so he had snuggles in our bed one night.  He can go from sitting to his tummy and then role on his back so his movement is increasing all the time.

On  Sunday we switched his car seat around to forward facing which was quite exciting!

When he gets a big cranky with me he grunts at me.  Haha.

He reached the big 7 months and is sleeping a lot better again.

Louis ate 1/2 weetbix, 2 spoons of baby muesli with apple and yoghurt for breakfast.  This bubba has a healthy appetite!

He's almost grown out of his 00 clothes as well so it's time to move on to the next size! So if he sleeps through he has only 4 milk feeds in a day, but 5 if he wakes overnight.  

Sunday was Mothers Day!  I had a beautiful brekky in bed and Nanna and the rest of our family came around to our house in the afternoon.  It was a beautiful 1st Mothers day.