Monday, February 28, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis February 2005

Written in 2014 and backdated...(not many sad about that now) I kept a basic calender and also wrote a lot in a forum called which I have luckily been able to look into some of the archives).  I  made some beautiful online friends, who became friends in real life and it was such an amazing place to connect, especially when I didn't have any other friends or family having babies at the time)

February 2005: 

Oh how I wanted to be pregnant.  The first month of trying was a no go and I had such a strong desire to fall pregnant.  I had been buying pregnancy and baby magazines for months and wanted nothing more than to become a mother.

10th: I tested negative on cycle day 31.  Bugger.

17th: Sick with flu

18th: Sick with flu, off my food.

19th: A few other symptoms are popping up...

20th: (5weeks) I am cleaning the bathroom and empty the bin which still has the old test in it.  I notice that there is the faintest of faint positives showing up.  I re-test and a super strong line appears!! I'm pregnant!!!! I cried happy tears and called Michael!  So excited! I decided I should probably wait before I tell anyone.

21st: I've told all of my family and my best friend.  Haha.  That didn't last long at all.  I go for a walk.

22nd: Dr appt - Blood test

23rd: Moody and off my food.  Everything tastes funny. 

24th: Blood test results back.  All good - even Iron.  (Which I was happy about because I'm vegetarian)

25th: Couldn't help myself and went shopping and bought baby socks, singlets and jumpsuits.  I'm vague and forgetful (so that's when it started...haha)

27th: (6weeks) Tour of the Angliss hospital (I was in super planning mode obviously!)

28th: Bought a new car (It was a Ford Fairmont - you know a real family car!  I really didn't mess around back then!) Waves of nausea.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Vintage: Setting the scene for 2005...

So we started off in 2005 doing the same old same old.

Michael working as a landscaper and me running my dance school.  I had finished at Bakers Delight and was focussed only on my business.

Oh...I know what the difference was...

This was the time I was hoping to become a Mum.  Oh my I had high hopes.  Like most women before they actually have children I had all of these things I was going to do or not do as the case may be.  It's quite humorous to think about now.

We do all start off with the best of intentions but life does get in the way and trip us up sometimes.

Anyway, I started off the year with excitement and hope...ready to start a new chapter in my life.

We were young, yet we had been together at this point for nearly 7 years and married for nearly 2, so if you think of it like that it makes sense that starting a family would be our next step.

I guess it's from here that our new journey began...

 I wanted to get a photo of the two of us before we had kids and funnily enough I was pregnant without knowing at this stage.  I do want to note that neither of us had many wrinkles or grey hair at this point! Haha. 

Vintage: Sydney Holiday

 Our second trip for 2004 and we were just as excited!

We slept in on Friday morning and nearly missed our flight which was a bit of a stress.  Our friend Ben picked us up from the airport and we went and had breakfast in Glebe.

We were definitely not used to the city/cafe lifestyle.  Fun for a weekend but not really something we're into.   We headed to Bondi beach which was great.  The people were very interesting and strange! haha. 

We checked into our hotel which was OK.  We went and had dinner and then went to Bens' gig.  First impressions of Sydney were great!

Saturday we drove Ben's car back and had some breakfast.  We went to the car show which the boys thoroughly enjoyed!!

We went to another gig with Ben and had a tour of Kings Cross.  It was a huge day Ben dropped us off at the hotel and we crashed.

Sunday, Ben picked us up again and we had breakfast and a stroll around Glebe market.  I think we did a few other bits and pieces that I can't recall and then we went back to the hotel to get ready for the Arias.

Silly me thought it started at 7.30 but that's when it must have started on TV so when we got there everyone was already seated and it had begun!! Whoops!  It was fun watching the performances.

Sunday we drove back to Ben's, had brekky again and went to and watched a movie.  It was a bit rainy and it took us a fair while to get to the airport so we nearly missed our flight home.  Luckily it was delayed so we made it.

It was huge weekend and we as much as we had an amazing time there really is no place like home!

Tuesday, February 1, 2005

Vintage: QLD holiday...May 2004

We were so excited for this holiday!  We got great prices on flights and amazingly I kept a brief journal of our adventures.  Unfortunately, our photos turned out pretty terrible due to some moisture or something on the lens so they all look a little fuzzy but it tells the story well enough!

Wednesday 26th May:
Up early at Beans house ready to travel to the airport.  I had butterflies the whole way.  Dropped off the car a the Holiday Inn where Bean got us free parking.  She drove us over to the airport in the shuttle bus.  We checked in and dropped off our bags and grabbed some brekky from Hudsons.  We headed down to gate 1 and just waited.  We asked for window seats so we got seat 1A and 1B which meant we had leg room as well.  It was all a bit exciting.

The takeoff was so fast and it was a bit scary!  I was surprised how quick the flight actually was.  It was great to see everything from so high up.  We flew into Brisbane airport at 9am.  We purchased tickets for the airtrain and it took us 90 minutes to Helensvale.

We then caught the bus to Treasure Island holiday park.  We were a little early but they let us check in.

The park was great with a tennis court, pools and spas.  We settled in and headed over to the shopping centre which was full of discount shopping.  The weather was humid and warm.

Thursday 27th May: We caught the bus to Surfers Paradise and decided to hire a car.  We ended up with a great little Hyundai Getz.  We went down to the beach and had lunch at Pizza Hut.  We had a sunbake at the beach but didn't swim.  It was a little cooler today. We had a nice spa back at the park.

Friday 28th May:  We had a sleep in and went for drive.  We had some lunch and had a swim at Surfers.  The water was so warm.

Saturday 29th May: Wet N Wild!   So much fun.  We came home, grabbed some dinner and headed down to Tweed Heads and saw some amazing fireworks.

Sunday 30th May: We had a sleep in, had a shop, lunch, hit of tennis, swim and spa.   A relaxing day.

Monday 31st May: We dropped off our hire car and caught the bus to Sea World.  I was so excited to swim with the dolphins.  It was amazing!  

Michael went snorkelling with the sharks which he enjoyed also. 

We both went on the corkscrew and got an instant headache!  I don't know if either of us were built for rollercoasters! 

It was a huge day and we went home and had an early night.  Our last night...sigh.

Tuesday 01st June: We slowly got organised and packed our gear up and headed to the station.  We did not want to go home!
Had a great flight home and when we picked up my car the lights weren't working so Michael luckily was clever enough to fix them somehow.
We drove home via Mums house to pick up our pet rats.  Yes, we had pet rats at the time.  (It was fun, but I highly doubt we'll ever get them again).

Such a fun holiday!