Saturday, December 31, 2005


Now that Louis was feeling better he was sleeping a lot better as well.  He is trying to wriggle around on the floor.

Louis loves watching cartoons and will often chat to the tv for 20 minutes.  I had indian food for dinner last night which seemed to cause an explosion on one little boys nappy.  Everywhere...through nappy, clothes and wrap.  Holy moly. 

On Thursday he had his 2 month old vaccination.

We had a great Mothers Group that week.  So good to make new friends.

Here's some cute video we took on Friday 16th...

10 weeks old and only waking once overnight for a feed.  Yeah! Unfortunately day time naps are just that.  Very short 20-40 minute naps.  It kind of drives me crazy.

Louis had his first Santa photo!  Cute! Tummy time is improving  and he had a big afternoon sleep.

Wednesday Louis had his physio appointment and things are on the improve which is great news.  Louis has started using his hands a lot more and pointing his fingers.

I had a worry today about his feeding and growth so we had a quick check up with the MCHN.  He is weighting 5.5 kg and growing well. He had gone from the 10th percentile on the charts to the 50th percentile. 

First Christmas!! Santa brought Louis a  leappad learning system. 

Boxing day we headed up to Bonnie Doon to visit Oma and Opa.  Overnight sleeps were a bit stressful bit we all had a great time.

Friday it was 43 degrees so Louis had a little swim in the baby pool!  He wasn't very sure though!

We went home on New Years Eve to get some rest and gear up for a fun 2006 because what an amazing year 2005 was.  I became a Mum!!!  Honestly, my absolute dream came true.  I couldn't have been happier with our little family.  Such a lucky person I am. 

Sunday, December 11, 2005

December happenings...

Louis is enjoying his dummy but doesn't need it all of the time.  I held the first of 2 break up parties for the dance school and was then officially on holidays!

 Louis kicks his legs all over the place when we change his nappy, little cheeky.

We had a little family reunion with the Johns side.  Louis met Uncle David, Aunty Paula, Meredith, Brendan, Cameron, baby Rex, Sally and Jesse.

Sunday Louis turned  8 weeks old!  Wow!  He had a shower with Dad.  He is also starting to sleep a little better overnight thank goodness!

On Monday Louis and I had a little relax outside on the hammock.  So nice to be relaxed after all the madness of the dance concert.

Louis loves sitting up in the corner of the couch and doesn't want to lay down flat.  I took him to the physio to work on his flat spot.  She stretched out his neck and he was already moving a lot more easily. We did a Mum and bub exercise class at the hospital as well.

I put a nappy under his arms today and he was lifting his head up a lot higher at tummy time.  Louis loves sitting and talking to the tv.  We had a visit to Robbies so I could have a jog on the treadmill.  I'm so happy I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight!

This photo looks a little older but I'm not sure when it was taken...

Louis and I have beautiful moments in the mornign of cuddles, smiles and laughs.  So nice.  Makes up for the screaming in the afternoon when he doesn't want a nap.

2 months old!
Louis didn't have his vaccinations as he had a mild temperature and a little rash over his tummy.  (Probably explains the crying and unsettled nights he had this week)
MCHN stats:
Weight: 5.117kg or 11.5lb
Height: 56cm

Saturday we had the Visser side of the family getting together for Christmas.  Great day.

Opa came and helped install the conditioner at our house.  So nice and cool now!

Just a final note...WHY DIDN'T I TAKE MORE PHOTOS?????? GRRRR! Here's a video from around this time though...

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Smiles and storm before the calm...

 First smiles on camera!!
6 weeks 1 day

We bought Louis a Kick n whirl carnival for Christmas but I couldn't wait and gave it to him now.  Louis is loving having baths now.  

Look at that serious face!  

Louis loves to wee on us when we change his nappy! 

Cuddles with Nanna...
6 weeks 2 days

This last week was so hectic in preperations for the concert.  It was really stressful and I was so looking forward to having a long break until the end of January.   Wednesday night I had my dance school concert.  Luckily Robbie and Lea babysat for us so Michael and Nanna could be there helping me out as well.  The night was a success and I could breathe a big sigh of relief that it was all finished! 

6 weeks 4 days

 Cute outfit all ready for mothers group.  It was great to chat with other Mums!
MCHN stats:
Weight: 4.77kg or 10.5lb
Height: 54.5cm

6 weeks 5 days

On the weekend Louis had his first trip to Oma and Opas farm at Bonnie Doon
 6 weeks 6 days

Big cuddles with Oma

He must have had a growth spurt in the country because he's officially grown out of all of the "0000" clothing and is in all "000". 

Tuesday we had the ante-natal reunion and Louis was LOUD.  So loud.  He's really noticing everything now as well.  Looking around and observing.  
He chats away to us and makes lots of noise.  We noticed that he's started to get a little flat spot on his head. 

Sunday, November 20, 2005

Gorgeous bubba...

So, Louis gave me that gorgeous smile yesterday and we've been pestering him ever since for another one with no luck! 

Aunty Sharon looked after Louis again on Tuesday afternoon while I worked.  He is loving shaking his rings around and making a racket. 

I need to take photos of Louis sleeping because it's not always an easy process!! 

 5 weeks 2 days

On Thursday Louis cried and cried while I was teaching so a heap of Mums had cuddles with him.  So nice of them but I find it such a challenge.

This week it seems Louis has worked out that when it's dark at night it means sleeptime.  He is luckily only waking once overnight which is so nice.  

Uncle Col came to visit on Saturday.

5 weeks 6 days

We went and had 6 week photos taken at Pixifoto...very cute!

Sunday, November 13, 2005


I don't have any photos from this week other than a nudey one I'm not going to post.

We had a lot happening though.

On  Monday we had Louis's MCHN are his stats for 4 weeks old:

Weight: 4kg / 8lb 13
Height: 53cm
Head 36.7cm

On Wednesday he was already 1 month old! Crazy.  His skin was breaking out and he was starting to lose some of his baby hair.

The feeds were starting to take less time which was great and Louis started to stay up and have a little play before another nap which was fun.  I was certain I saw some little smiles!

Michael had Louis while I was at work on Friday and gave him a bottle of expressed milk.  So far so good.

Saturday we went out to the pub for Pa's birthday lunch which was fun.

Sunday I went for a walk and had Louis in the pram.  He had a big sleep and when he woke up he really did have his first real big smile.  I may or may not have been completely teary at this point.  Haha.  A big 5 weeks old today!

Sunday, November 6, 2005

The nights are long but the days are short...

Our little Louis loves to sleep in his's been super hot and we have no air-conditioner so that's been interesting.  We've ordered one though. 

3 weeks 2 days

Louis is enjoying his baths now but does not like getting out and getting dressed...he screams the house down!

3 week 4 days

Sunday we went out for the day to Yarra Glen market with Nanna.  It was a hot day but I just gave Louis an extra feed. 

I spent a fair amount of my time stressing out about being a new Mum (and being tired) and trying to organise the dance concert.  It really was all too much so soon after his birth.  Only a few more weeks to go. 

Monday, October 31, 2005

Back to work...

I went out shopping today and left Louis with Michael.  It was nice to just get it all done, but I missed him. 
 2 weeks old

 2 weeks 1 day

On Monday, Michael went back to work.  I was so nervous!  I had to back to the dance school as well so I was unsure of how that would all go.  

Louis had his Maternal child health nurse check up and here are his stats: 
Weight: 3.16kg
Height: 49.5cm
Head: 36cm 

He was only feeding one side at a time still but was getting plenty of milk and gaining weight like a champ.  

Tuesday afternoon I dropped Louis with Sharon and went to teach for a couple of hours.  Today was his first day with a dummy. 

Thursday I brought him to work with me again.  It was awkward because I had first baby syndrome and didn't want him being passed around and breathed on.  Haha.  

The following Monday our new cough arrived.  Bliss.  The old one was so uncomfortable for feeding and sitting on for hours at a time.  

Michael could actually lay down on this one as well!  Perfect!  

 3 weeks 1 day

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Settling in at home...

It felt so surreal being home with Louis.  I had no idea what I was doing and was so grateful that Michael had two weeks off to help me out.  On the drive home from the hospital we just looked at each other like "now what?".  Haha.  

Here's a clip from the hospital and our first few days at home...


Michael did an amazing job of helping and bathed Louis for probably the first month!  He was the calm I needed while I was trying to get used of milk coming in, breastfeeding, the aftermath of pregnancy and labour, extreme tiredness and the nervousness I carried being a new Mum.   

Louis got lots of cuddles with us both and would often only sleep in the bouncer, not the cot.  We ended up lifting one end of the cot and then he started sleeping in it after a week or so.                                                               
3 days old
I was madly in love with this baby though.  From first sight.  He was the most beautiful little thing I'd ever seen and I wanted to do my absolute best for him.

He was so so tiny and so perfect.  I'd never felt so purposeful in my life as I did growing my baby and now holding him in my arms and nourishing him with my milk. 

On the midwife at home visit it was mentioned that he had a little jaundice so snoozing by the window was then a must! 

On the weekend, Oma and Opa bought Louis an amazing Valco pram and he attended his first party that night.  The next day it was a must to test out the new pram but he was so tiny in it, we would need to wait a little longer. 

1 week, 3 days old
I guess the beauty with having baby number one that you don't realise until later is that you can just sit and feed and cuddle and snooze without anyone else pulling you in different directions. 

When Louis was born the realised he had a little tongue tie.  On the 19th we went and took him to get it snipped.  I was so nervous about it hurting him but he didn't even cry.   

We marvelled at all of his expressions and sounds.  Like each was an absolute miracle.  Oh and he gave his lungs a good workout as well.  That noise we could have done without!

1 week 3 days

We started off using cloth nappies and 1 week in it was all too hard and we were on to disposables. 

1 week 4 days 

A week and a half in we'd both been weed and pooed on and totally adored this little guy!  That's love right there. 

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Louis Robert Visser {09th October 2005}

This is copied out of my journal...

Friday 07th October: Woke up at 6.30am and thought my waters had broken.  It wasn't a lot but was a trickle of fluid.  I was so shaky and nervous.  I called Michael who had already left for work and he came back home.  I had a shower and got organised and headed into hospital.

Louis was monitored and everything was fine.  No contractions.  They tested the fluid and it wasn't amniotic (and I hadn't wet my pants either!).  Anyway, we were sent home.  I felt so silly going in for nothing and for thinking labour was starting when obviously it wasn't.

Michael stayed home from work but I had to go and teach a dance class!  I really didn't feel like it.  I was not feeling right but off I went.  I tried not to do much but that's really difficult when teaching 3 and 4 year olds dancing!  I was so glad the hour was over and I was able to go home.  As I walked to the car I thought I felt more fluid.  I sat in the car and was thinking I would drive to the nearby bank.  I pulled into the car park and thought no way am I going to risk walking in there.  I quickly drove home and as I ran in the house I felt a big gush.  I may have sworn on the way in due to nerves.  Ha ha.  I ran straight to the toilet and had to change my clothes.   Another call was made to the hospital and we were told to head in again.  More monitoring - bubba was fine - and another check of the fluid, which yes, this time was amniotic.  We were told to head home and wait for contractions to start or otherwise I'd be induced in the morning.  I was so nervous, scared and excited.  I managed to get a little sleep but it wasn't very good.  I was getting super mild contractions every 10-15 minutes but nothing major.  

Saturday 08th October: I woke up really early, around 6-6.30am and showered.  I called the hospital and was told they would call back when they had room for me to come in.  I did some housework and managed to doze off with Michael on the couch for a while.  Dad dropped around as well before we left which was nice.  We ended up leaving for the hospital at around 2pm.  It was such a quick drive as I was so nervous.  The most my contractions had come together was about 5min but generally they were 8-10min apart and not very painful at all.  We got to the hospital and had more monitoring - everything was fine.  Then the waiting game was on.  We went into delivery suite.  It was so scary hearing other women screaming so loudly during labour!  We had to wait for a Dr to come and get the drip organised.  A woman Dr came and tried getting it in what felt like every vein in my arms.  It hurt so much but I tried not to complain as I knew labour would be a lot worse.  She gave up and we had to wait for another one to come and finish.  he came in and did it in one go and it hardly hurt!  S o now it was time for the drip to start.  By this stage Mum had arrived and Dad had visited at the hospital as well!  Anyway, the slow painful process began at around 6pm.  An internal showed I was only  1cm dilated.  The contractions were mild to begin with.  We were all just talking and laughing.  They were coming 5min apart. After a while they were building and I would just be quiet and close my eyes during it.  I asked about moving around but was told that it wouldn't help.  I was not happy with my midwife who was just inappropriate at times and not very nice.  It can make such a difference as well.   Contractions were building.  It was such a tiring process.  At midnight I had another internal and was still only 1cm dilated!  They also realised that it must have been my hind waters that broke earlier and went on to break my waters was at this point that the pain really started to pick up.

Sunday 09th October:  The contractions were coming on really strong.  I ended up being sick quite a few times which was hard during contractions.  Michael did a good job of catching it though!   I was really starting to have had enough and wanted it all to be over.  At this point I still hadn't had any pain relief.  At 4am they did another internal and I'd only dilated to 2cm.  At this point I felt like giving up.  We talked about having pethidine but I was so unsure after my sister had said it wasn't great.  It took me until 4.30am to decide but I really needed something.  It didn't really take the pain away as such but I was able to sleep/rest in between contractions.  Poor Michael hand at this stage was getting very squished.  It definitely helped in the end though because by 7.30am I was finally fully dilated.  I knew that pushing when you weren't ready could be really bad and put you back a few hours so it took me a while to be convinced I was really ready.  Once I got my head around it though, I was determined to get my bubba Louis born.  After what felt like a few contractions, although I think it was about 30 minutes, and pushing as hard as I could (with coaching from Mum) Louis began to make an appearance.  This was definitely the easy part for me!  We had a big of a scare where the midwife (a much nicer one by this stage) called to get a Dr as they thought the cord was wrapped around his neck but it was all OK once they realised it was just around his arm and shoulder.  I felt his head between my legs but it was all very surreal.  One last push and he was out!

I had him put straight up onto my chest.  he was just so little.  I felt very spaced out from the pethidine still.  After a little while I lifted him up and he had a his first little feed.  It felt really strange because I had no idea what I was doing!  Michael then cut the cord and the placenta was delivered.

Louis Robert Visser
09/10/2005 8.30am
Weight: 5lb 14 or 2.67kg
Length: 46cm
Head: 33cm
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

I just couldn't believe I just gave birth to a little baby!  It was so surreal.  After a while I got up and had a shower which made me feel a lot better but I was so tired and still feeling the effects of the pethidine.

My amazing Mum stayed with us the whole night and was able to be there for his birth.  There was something comforting about having my own Mum there with me while giving birth to my first child.  

We soon had lots of visitors.  Michael's parents, Sharon and the kids and friends.  We were transferred to the maternity ward and managed to snooze for an hour or so.  I stirred a little when I heard a little cry, but didn't realise it was Louis to begin with!  Of course a few moments later and I did realise it was our little bundle next to me.  I had no idea what to do so just tried to feed him.  It was all so strange and I felt so overwhelmed with the responsibility of this little package of perfection.  I had no experience with babies at all and as much as I was so happy to be a mother I was on a very steep learning curve.  I didn't want Michael to go home, which of course he had to.  He was exhausted as well after being up all night and left around 9pm.

There were many challenges that first night, mostly due to me having no idea what I was doing and being so tired.  The nurses said a few careless things that absolutely stressed and worried me.  Comments such as "starved in utero" because he was hungry and then noticing that he had a tongue tie which I had no idea about.  It made me scared that there was something wrong.  They took him to give me a break after very roughly trying to hand express milk from me only to bring him back in 10 minutes because he just needed me.  Of course, that was fine but I felt like they weren't very caring and given that I was so inexperienced it just added to a really disappointing hospital experience. I really just wanted to get home...

The next day I had some more visitors including my friend Bean.  Michael came around but was also on a big mission at the shops to purchase smaller clothes because he was so tiny and to install the car seat.  With Louis arriving 2 weeks early we weren't completely ready!  I also asked him to bring more food because I was so hungry. 

My bruises from the first try of getting the drip in...

I stayed in for two nights and then we were able to head home. 

It was the start of our parenting journey.  The beginning of our little Louis in our lives.  Our new life as a family of 3.  I was uncertain and unsure but I did know that becoming a mother was the best thing that had ever happened to me.

Thursday, October 6, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis October 2005


02nd: (37weeks) Went to the market and bought Louis a cute Santa hat, booties and bib.

03rd: Woke up to cramps overnight.  Went for a walk.

04th: Work up to more cramps overnight.  Felt nauseous.  Went for a walk.

05th: Dr appt. Ultrasound to check size which was all fine.  Louis engages when I sit down only due to a large pelvis?  Measured 32cm only.

06th: Bad pains at 6.45am and crampy pain in the afternoon.  Felt uncomfortable while teaching and very heavy in my pelvis.

It is here where I'll begin the birth story of my little boy...

Friday, September 30, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis September 2005


02nd: Feeling heavy.  Painful kicks in side.  Belly cramps.

04th: (33weeks) Fathers Day.  Michael got breakfast in bed.  Packed my bags.  Started washing baby clothes. 

06th: Walk.  Antenatal class.

07th: Dr appt.  Measuring 30weeks only.  Measuring 97cm around!  Heartburn.

08th: Quite uncomfortable walking but I was determined anyway.  Leaky colostrum.

09th: The first dreaded stretchmark!

11th: (34weeks) Spent the weekend at Bonnie Doon.

15th: Slept in past 10am!

16th: Getting puffed easily.

17th: Baby shower.  So nice to have everyone excited about our little baby's arrival.  Some very nice gifts.   Bad migraine, numb fingers.

18th: (35weeks)

19th:  Still going on my walks.  Trying to stay healthy.

20th: Have planned out my business and lined up lots of teachers and helpers.  (not sure what planet I was on and how I made this all work!)

21st: Dr appt.  Measuring a little small. Just waiting for him to engage.

25th: (36weeks) Lunch at Mums for her birthday.

26th: Feeling very heavy and tired.  Hard to move and breathe at times.  Starting to feel impatient to meet our little man.

27th: Itchy stretchmarks - getting lots now.  Last antenatal class.  Strange, crampy braxton hicks.  9kg weight gain. 

30th: Niggly pains

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis August 2005


07th: (29weeks)

12th: When Michael puts his head on my belly Louis kicks.  My belly button was looking really odd and Luke and Kelly have taken to poking it which feels horrible!! 

14th: (30weeks)

15th: Lots of kicks.  Colostrum leaking everywhere.  Tired and cranky.  I can feel Louis having hiccups.  Carpets have been cleaned.  Excitement is building.  Teachers and helpers have been arranged for most dance classes so I don't have to do as much jumping around. 

17th: Heartburn.  Achy hips if I lie on my side too long.  Achy back if I sit on the computer too long.

21st: (31weeks)

23rd: Antenatal class

24th: Dr appt.  Blood pressure was good.  Head down ready to go.  Fundal height was 30 weeks.  The sciatic pain/pinched nerve was from his head in my pelvis.

25th: 7kg gain.

27th.  Beautiful Melbourne day.  Painting nearly finished and curtains have been hung.  

28th: (32weeks) Another cold.

29th: The cot was put up.  

30th: Antenatal class. 

Sunday, July 31, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis July 2005


03rd: (24weeks) Weekend at Bonnie Doon with Oma and Opa.  Oma cooked up a storm of yummo food. 

04th: Placenta is at the back which is why I could feel most of the kicks at the front.

05th: Gained 5kg.  Skin is feeling tighter. Worried about stretch marks. 

07th: Visited our neighbours 6 week old baby at Monash.  He has Spina bifida.  Was so emotional seeing him and a lot of other premature or ill babies.  My heart ached for these babies and I determined never to take for granted the health of my baby. 

10th: (25weeks)

11th: Nesting and cleaning the linen closet.  Planning on using cloth nappies unless heading out. 

17th: (26weeks)

19th: Pains when walking, zinging from my belly button.  Starting to feel tired again.

22nd: Belly's getting big!

24th: (27 weeks)

26th: Tired.  Lots of stitches when walking.

27th: Dr Appt.  Iron and diabetes test.  Belly measuring 25 weeks.  Louis was already head down in my pelvis.  Belly goes hard sometimes - braxton hicks.  Felt so queasy after having the diabetes solution.  Gross.  6kg weight gain.
/cast prospecting

29th: No diabetes but iron is low.

30th: Erica took me shopping for some maternity clothes which was so nice. 

31st: (28weeks) Spent the weekend painting Louis's nursery after moving computers and desks out.  So exciting preparing for our little mans arrival! 

Thursday, June 30, 2005

Pregnancy Journal: Louis June 2005


01st: Dr Appt.  Heart heartbeat and Louis gave a big kick.  Tummy measuring spot on.

02nd: Heartburn.

03rd: Eating too much junk food.

04th: Taught, shopped and then slept all afternoon.

05th: (20weeks) Half way mark!

06th: Looking stocky, not overly pregnant although could see the bottom of my belly button! Can feel much bigger kicks.

08th: It's a BOY! I was so excited I was up at 5.20am! Ultrasound went really well and bubba looks perfect.  So excited!  We already had decided on a name for a boy.  Louis Robert Visser. 

(Seriously, this was me half way through my first pregnancy?  Crazy!)  

09th: 3 - 3.5kg gain. Slept in until 10am!

11th: Michael and I headed down to the Great Ocean Road for a getaway.  We were both laying on the bed in our little cabin and we could see my tummy moving.  Michael also felt Louis kicking for the first time.

12th: (21weeks) It was so great to have a getaway before we became parents.  A beautiful weekend.

15th: Colostrum already!

19th: (22weeks)

21st: Getting lots of kicks and belly was growing bigger.  Leaking colostrum.

23rd: Loving watching my belly move when Louis kicks.  Was busy with the dance school.  Starting to wonder how I'll manage with a new baby and a dance concert only weeks afterwards. 

24th: The beginnings of sciatic pain.

26th: (23weeks)

29th: Dr Appt.  All good. Nothing beats hearing that heart beat.